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Chanting circles

Chanting is a way of meditation, where we sing mantras or heartsongs and unite in a field of sound and silence. Mantras are known from all kind of religions, as you maybe know: Halleluja, Om Mani Padme hung, Allahu Akbar or Hari Om. My approach to mantras is not necessarily a religious one, but more connecting with the Divine within ourselves. When singing heartsongs, we use the power of affirmations to devote to what is and boot our reality.

As we sing mantras and songs from different traditions, I hope everyone feels included and respected for who they are and what they believe.

As singing and opening up the voice can be very intimate, some people just come and sit in the vibrations. Nevertheless, there is always the opportunity to face potential challenges, expand and allow to show youreself as you are, to join with your voice in a way that you feel comfortable. But feel free, there is no obligation.

Sometimes even an off tune can add to the spectrum and when we think we fail, it can be better to question our opinion about failing than to follow the believe we are weak or not good enough. We all know, we learn and grow through our failures. So I aim to hold space that these chanting circles are a save place to explore yourself and allow to be as you are. There is nothing expected from you but maybe basic common sense like, respecting the silence and other people etc.

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Singing in groups opens a beautiful atmosphere of togetherness, wellbeing and meaningful connection. We are celebrating, meditating, feeling, observing, expressing, calming and releasing feel-good Hormones. When singing, we all breathe in the same rhythm, unite in an enclosed collective field where emotions are supporting eachother and something very magical can happen.

What I try to describe in words, is best when its felt for yourself. So you are most welcome to join and experience for yourself.

Benefits of chanting and singing in groups


Singing is a selfmassage. The vibration of our vocal chords, combined with meaning in mind, can have a profound self-healing effect, physical, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Repetitive Mantras can even change the neural pathways in our brain.

If we synch all repetitivness within ourselves, our puls, our breath, our words and our intentions, we can enter a deep meditative state where we just feel the present. Things can go and things can be invited.

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