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"Music is the divine way to tell

beautiful, poetic things to the heart"

My Music History

Music has been present in my life since I was a young child, growing up in a family that occasionally sang traditional Austrian songs in four-part harmony. There are two songs that everyone in our larger family knows. One is sung at funerals to remind people to have faith in God, and the other is sung before meals to bless the food. I remember how beautiful it was as a child to hear all of these harmonies and to witness everyone momentarily pausing and coming together. To witness these powerful but also frail moments, where some would sing loudly and with all their confidence, while others were a little more reserved but still joined in. Of course, there were others who never really sang but joined in with their gifts and, in my opinion, just relished the silence and the fact that everyone's attention was focused on the music. This type of music required singing along with a specific melody. The orchestration of the four voices required a certain amount of discipline and conducting to achieve their precise performance.

I first discovered musical playfulness drumming with friends at bonefires. It was mostly the rhytm I felt in my body when drumming that made me want to use my voice as well. The repetitivness and monotony allowed us to experiment with harmonies. It was and is pure joy to just jam with friends and lift eachother up.

My teacher, friend and brother Hartmut opened the next chapter of music for me. His love of singing and his self-penned songs inspired me to dive in, let go, and find harmonies in singing that weren't prewritten, that emerged from the moment. It created the space where making mistakes and experimenting with new things are acceptable. as when we actually play. It is about playing, not about feeling bad if you lose or happy if you win. It is about enjoying the process, enjoying the unknown, not knowing the outcome, the lightness to just laugh about "mistakes" and the beauty when fitting harmony aligns. After singing we often dropped into silence, where it felt, that I don´t have to breathe for a minute. I feel this sparkeling sensation in my throath and chest. The Self-massage, after you sang out loud for a while, was really good to feel when going into Stillness after. I even said to friends, that the Stillness after sometimes feels more important than the actual singing. But of course, both where needed to drop in this kind of meditative state.

I started to learn to play guitar and harmonium, started to learn to sing and play at the same time. I got more comportable, started to experiment and write my own songs. Today I lead chanting circles and produce my own indie music.  Check it out

"Music is the soundtrack to all the good and bad times we have"

"Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which its impossible to be silent"

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