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Hangab - Inversion Bodywork

Experience being slowly and gently lifted into a passive shoulder-stand and possibly progressing into a full flying position. Done step-by-step and in stages, the body has time to adapt. This slow ascent is the key to avoiding uncomfortable pressure in the head. While inverted, hands-on bodywork is applied, facilitating the release of body/mind tensions, allowing for a state of deep relaxation with the sensation of flying. Spinal traction combined with the benefits of passive inversion leads the body into a renewing process. The mind dissolves into the still-point, a deep meditative state which creates a pause in the cranial rhythm. This treatment can release emotions and tensions, leading to a centered and peaceful place within.

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Session Possibilities

In a flying session, we can go into a full extention after the ground stages. Letting the body adapt in each step up, is the key to fly without uncomfortable pressure in the head. Please read the contraindications in the FAQs.

In a Ground Session, you receive a treatment while being lifted gradually and in stages until shoulderstand.

It already has many of the passive inversion's physical benefits.

It is appropriate for everyone and frequently described as centering, calming, and deeply relaxing.

HangYoga is a self-practice where you can move yourself into various positions of well-being. It is possible to practise after attending a workshop or with personal guidance at first.

Ground Session

Flying Session


Inversion Benefits

Ground Session

Flying Session





The spine and all joints gain space and liquid lubrication as we relax deeper into the inversion position each minute. With our own bodyweight, our muscles and fascia can stretch. Gravity enters the organs and the hole circulation from a direction we typically never experience. The brain receives more blood than usual.
We tested the onset of a powerful regenerative process in the body as well as an improvement in self-healing abilities using muscle tests. Also the body starts to balance itself. In our tests, high blood pressure was lower after the session, lower bloodpressure was higher. The body resets to its centered state.

We observe people entering a deep meditative state, where interfering is totally possible but mostprobably no needed. All six of the people tested by a doctor, osteopathic and kinesiologist entered the so called "stillpoint". This is known to be a pause in the cranial rythm where a profound relaxation occurs.
When inverted in space, our balance sensors and gravity present us with inverted information; as a result, our brain stops processing and figuratively relinquishes control.
Things that we typically hold in can come out as a result of this.
And it causes you to enter a quiet, deep place inside that is frequently described as meditativ and very peaceful.

Occationally people have an emotion come up out of nowhere. Maybe they need to lough or cry without knowing why. Sometimes they know. We have seen traumas emerge and fade away, we have seen the body starting to shake or quiver without the people themselves even noticing. Sometimes it cramps up which can trigger an emotion, to then fully relax again once the emotion is expressed. Many sessions are merely silent and not so much on the surface. Some people see colours or visions, some saw a traumatic happening in the past that they have forgot about. Its important to say that anything that comes up is welcome. We consider it an honor to support you. There is no wrong or right way to express, there is just your way.
And if nothing seems to be happening, please don't get discouraged; everything has its proper time.

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We tested 6 people before and after a flying session

Read the results and click here

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