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Basic 1 Training, May 12-15, 2024

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Training with Hartmut in Germany

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Practitioners Training

In addition to being appropriate for those who want to work with IB, the IB Practitioner training is also a worthwhile self-experience for anyone who wants to retreat and reconnect with themselves. We receive and give during the sessions' alternating exchanges. We let go ourselves and learn to guide others. We surrender to what is and maintain our composure while serving others. Being a good practitioner entails holding space, having clarity about boundaries, remaining fully present in one's own body while providing treatment to another person and not loosing energy while doing so.
These are excellent advantages for personal growth and very practical features for daily life.


 A big part of the training is of course the handling of the equipement, the art of touch, the various positions and sequenzes, as well as  your own positioning (physical and mental). But as our experience has shown, an inversion bodywork session needs more that just the physical and practical skills. The fact that the clients are suspended opens a new area. In comparison to other forms of bodywork (where in case the client can just get off the mat or table), it requires the bodyworker to develop a special level of experience, sensitivity, and space holding. Although the aspect of surrender is very potent, it also requires understanding the fine line between too little and too much while being good at heart and pure in intention.


Another very important part of the training is self care.  For practitioners, any form of self practice is very benefitial and sometimes even necessary in order to stay in the flow, powerful, centered and keep growing your own way. This can be yoga, meditation, music, nature walks or any other form that make you take time for yourself, reflect and contemplate. Idealy it involves physical movement and mental stillness.

We can best serve others if we first learn how to serve ourselves.




3 Stages to become a full Practitioner:  


The Basic 1 course is the first 5 days training where you become a Ground Practitioner. This means you learn to do hangyoga (selfpraxis) and you learn to lift someone else up until shoulderstand. Many people only consider the complete extension to be a goal of some sort.
In our opinion, the ground work is equally effective and can be considered a technique of itself.


In order to attend the next training, you must complete a case study on your own and record 10 Ground Sessions using our template.


We will learn to lift someone's head off the ground during Basic 2 training, but more importantly, we will learn how to bring someone down safely. We'll study a series of positions, pay closer attention to the details, and demonstrate variations. Learning the dos and don'ts of guiding others while they are in the air is essential.


In order to attend the Pro Training, you need to complete a case study on your own and document 10 Sessions (min 7 flying sessions) using our template.


The third and final step to becoming certified as an IB Practitioner is the Pro Training.

We will practise and examine the sequence of positions and prepare to officially work with IB in the outside world. Repeating the handling of the equipement brings more and more saftly and security.



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